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The success of our partnership is built upon a long tradition of dedication and family ties. From the beginning, MoHill Accounting Services has been about building client trust through quality work and affordable pricing. Through serving in leadership roles in several accounting/finance firms, our founding partner, Patrick, discovered that his skill set best suited small to mid-sized businesses. What started as a traditional accounting businesses has become a premiere administrative solution for small businesses. Our experienced professionals are capable of doing virtually everything from top to bottom: general bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, budgeting, tax preparation, tax compliance, payroll processing, and the list goes on


The idea for the business was conceived more so from circumstance than anything else. Our founding partners were faced with a choice: either move the life they built in Georgia to a whole new region for a stable career, or find a new job. Patrick and Margaret did not want to move their entire family, so they needed a new idea. They thought of a brilliant one. Why not start their own? After all, not only did Patrick have years of leadership experience, but he also had passion for the field; in addition to his professional endeavors, he taught accounting for students at the University of Guyana. Together they started the company, and it has been expanding ever since. 


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